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Ready Mix Screeds

The perfect mix

We can mix floor screeds on site to suit your needs, with the optional addition of fibres, retarders, SBR and waterproofing.



Additives available:

  • SBR is a waterproof bonding agent and admixture for use in areas subject to humidity and dampness. It is freeze thaw stable, resistant to water & water vapour and offers greatly improved adhesion and strength.
  • Fibres are a modern method of controlling shrinkage and cracking. They reduce the need for remedial work and greatly improve surface wear resistance. Recommended for use with piped underfloor heating.
  • Sika Waterproofer is a liquid additive, which prevents transmission of water through screed. It can be applied against live water infiltration, is compatible with OPC and SRC and can be used in above and below ground applications.


  • Oscrete retarder is used to control and extend set times in screed, concrete and mortars. Adding this to your screed offers reduced shrinkage, improved durability, freeze thaw resistance and a controlled workability life.

Not sure how much you’ll need? Use our online calculator to find out!
All screed is available for collection or delivery in bulk bags or loose.

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Our Weighbridge

Weighbridges are at the heart of many construction projects. We have a weighbridge specifically for our customers, with accuracy from 10kg to 30 tonnes. This service is not just available for customers buying our products – for a £10 charge you can have your vehicle weighed at any time.

  1. The loading plate

    Slowly position your vehicle centrally on the loading plate and the operator will give you a thumbs up and instruction on where to go when weighing is complete.

  2. Fill her up

    Following the operator’s instructions, drive over to have your vehicle loaded and wait until completion before driving back to the weighbridge.

  3. Tickets please!

    Once back on the weighbridge, exit your vehicle and step up to the window. Tell the operator what you’re purchasing and they will print you out a ticket and give any further instructions – finally taking payment (if required).

  4. Retreat!

    Once finished, simply return to your vehicle and you’re ready to start building…

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