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If you’re working on local projects you will definitely want to check out our lime ranges! As well as being a staple product for traditional builds, lime is also an incredibly efficient material for modern building projects.

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  • Lime Putty Based Mixes

    Lime Putty Based Mixes

    Mixing lime putty and sand on site can be exhausting, with kneading, chopping or beating the mix until a uniform colour & consistency is achieved. That is why we’ll always happily mix for you here.

    A mix of sand, non-hydraulic lime and optionally hair, straw or other fibres. Read more...

    Available in

    • 25kg
    • 1 tonne
  • Hydraulic Mortars

    Hydraulic Mortars

    A pre-mixed general purpose mortar for pointing and building stone, block and brick. Available both coarse and fine.

    Hydraulic limes are available as NHL 2 (Feeble), NHL 3.5 (Moderate) and NHL 5 (Eminent) and are able to set without exposure to air, making them suitable for use in wet environments such as foundations, paving and general building works. Read more...

    Available in

    • 25kg
    • 1 tonne
  • Cornerstone Promix

    Cornerstone Promix

    Professional grade lime mortar and render for pointing and rendering with a premium finish.

    Through the controlled addition of work aids, Promix is formulated to give improved workability, reduced risk of shrinkage & lime bleed, reduced risk of mortar drying too quickly and an improved cure. Read more...

    Available in

    • 25kg
  • Limelite


    The durable, breathable alternative to gypsum based plaster.

    Difficult to find in the South West, Limelite is the lightweight, easy to work range of renovation plasters that you can use without having to worry about damp, mould or trapped moisture.

    Find out more...

    Available in

    • 25kg

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